Who we are?

We are a service provider specialized in innovative BPO alternatives, supplying assistance in different areas of administrative outsourcing, and with ample experience in the needs of multinational corporations.


Administrative and Financial

Salary, Social Security and Pension Fund payroll processing and payment; tax, utility and business provider payments; accounting.

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Human Resources

Recruitment, personnel selection and training.

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Virtual Offices

Includes a prestigious business address, a local phone number and an email server to receive information.

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Special health and maternity regime for domestic workers

Information gathering, registration of employees, Social Security payroll processing, filing and payment.

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Municipal taxes

Administración eficiente del servicio de Pago de Impuestos Municipales.

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Delayed accounting updating, updating of past tax issues, payroll review and employee settlement calculation.

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Send us a message or write us to informacion@feg.com.sv

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Edificio Avante, local 2-01, Urbanización Madre Selva III, calle Llama del Bosque Pte., Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad.